House Of Pawns – Plus new releases!

Tomorrow is a big day for books! Tons of great titles are releasing March 8th, Including Ismael Manzano’s  debut novel Soulless and Keary Taylor’s highly anticipated House of Kings. I will be posting reviews for both books over the next few days, as well as a few other titles, so I wanted to write a quick review of the second book in Keary Taylor’s House of Royals Series.

house of pawns

Although I don’t love the cover as much as House of Royals lovely front, the gorgeous raven and great title still grab me. The pictures fits perfectly with the series’  dark, mysterious, yet current themes. It’s a great cover.

But enough about the outside. Let’s get to the part that counts, the inside!

I can’t delve into any plot details because it could easily spoil the surprises Keary places in the nooks and crannies of her work, and this series needs to be enjoyed spoiler free!  However, I will discuss  how I felt about the story, which can be summed up in two words.

so good.gif

House of Pawns picks up right where its predecessor left off, pulling us directly into Alivia and Ian’s messy, politically charged vampire world. Keary Taylor did an excellent job of maintaining  the story’s flow while also keeping the pacing appropriate for the beginning of a book. She kept it moving right along, and the big bang I always expect from her at the end delivered.


It left me scrambling for the next installment, to hell with the time on the clock!  (It was 12:33am). Thank goodness I had the next book primed on my kindle, I needed my fix! I am really thankful for my advance copy from the author!

Keary does a great job of layering plot hooks. She doesn’t reveal the answer to a question without hooking her readers with two new ones. The tension between her characters is hot, messy, and oh so good, but her novels carry more than heat, they carry real story arcs. She expands on the secondary characters and even adds some new characters, and those characters are pretty intriguing.

Especially Raheem.

But wait, I said no spoilers!

The first book was good, the second one was even better. The third book is coming tomorrow, and since I have already read it I will tell you all right now, it’s the best in the series so far!

I can’t give this book 5 stars because there were a few times I felt like the story jumped from a scene or relationship too abruptly. I also loved the next book even more and I save my five star rating for my all time favorites. Guess what my rating for The House of Kings is?

This book deserve a solid 4.25 stars, which is pretty darn awesome! Keary Taylor, you have officially written one of my top three all time favorite vamp series! You do your job well!

Grab your copy of House of Pawns here, and I’ll go ahead and include a link to House of Kings as well. If you have a thing for strong women and broody vamp boys, you are going to need it!


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