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Jessica Grace Kelley started writing novels after spending a year reviewing books on her book blog, Her novels have won several contests and awards, including the 2017 YA Molly Award, the 2016 Emma Merritt Award, the YA Contests.

When she’s not buried in books she spends her time working with teens as a fiction teacher at The Muse Writer’s Center and presents a YA workshop with HRW’s Traveling Pen series. Blogging is still a passion, and she’s happy to be a contributor at

Jessica lives by the beach with her G.I. Joe husband, two rambunctious little boys, and two over-sized lap dogs.

Jessica’s blog is a blend of everything she loves, but it’s main focus is writing and book reviews. If you have a novel that is in need of a book review,  she would love to hear from you! Jessica cross-posts to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.  Just fill out the form below  or send her an e-mail at

Check out Jessica’s Author Facepage here  and her website



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