How to get Free Books!

This has been a big month for me!

My first novel made it into the finals of a contest (Yaay!), I found out my novel formatting is incorrect ( Noo!), and I found another way to get free books.

I have been enjoying the world of book blogging for about five months.  I have deeply educated myself on how much I don’t know about the literary world.  I am slowly catching on. A few new bloggers reached out to me this week and asked how I got started, so I want to share the four main things I have learned.

    1-   Ask for a book before you buy it.

I always request review copies from the authors or publishers of books I am interested in adding to my website. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.  I figure it’s better to ask and receive a no than to never know. Right?  Requests usually work out in my favor. Authors  want to get their book in the hands of people who are going to rave about it.  Are you a book lover? Are you passionate about the genre they are writing? Then you are who they are looking for! It’s a win-win!


   2- Sign up for your favorite Authors’ newsletters.

Newsletters do more than provide news on release dates and book signings ( although as a book reviewer you should be paying attention to these things). Authors often use them to reach out to their fan base and let them know about contests, book giveaways, and their need for book reviewers.  Newsletters are what really got me started. It was so simple, and it got me connected.

    3- Join a review website

A while ago a favorite author of mine sent out a request for book reviewers ( Oh look, # 2 in action!) .  I was all over that like white on a polar bear that’s never left the north pole. She sent me a link to a little website called Xpresso Tours

And my world was forever changed.

Did you know there are websites for book reviewers that GIVE AWAY free books?!?



I  also joined Net Galley, and I am sure there are many more websites and avenues I have yet to discover.  So far I have received four books,  and I definitely have things to say about them. all good things



One little tip- don’t  over request if you join these websites.  You are expected to fully review each book you receive. If you don’t your feedback rating will go down and publishers will stop giving you review copies.

4.- Use twitter!

All of the above actions can be done using tweets. Twitter is a great way to instantly connect with your favorite authors. It is also an easy way to be added to their newsletters. Once you start following a few people in the book business, they will follow  you.  I started  using twitter to connect with authors, readers, and publishers a few months ago, and my network has increased by 300.  If I really put some effort into connections ( it’s on my to do list, I swear!) I could see that number tripling in a month. While we are talking about this, follow me on twitter guys! right here! Follow me! @_AnchoredGypsy

One more thing before  I sign off. It’s the most important part of this post, so listen up!

   Don’t expect every book to be free.

If an author doesn’t need any more reviews I am happy to pay for their book. Remember, this is their livelihood, and it is important to support the people who create these worlds we love much. I Love books. They are worth my money.

Now I have a question for my fellow book bloggers who are much more seasoned than I am.

What other resources are available for the word gobblers out there? Enlighten me, please!



Tess Williams “The Fallen Trilogy” – A tribute to one of my favorite Authors!

Fallen Warrior (Fallen Trilogy, #3)Fallen Warrior by Tess Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a going to be quick review, mostly because it’s Saturday and it’s beautiful outside, but I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on a lesser known book trilogy that really captured my heart. The trilogy goes by the name The Fallen Trilogy, and it has everything a classic fantasy book needs, including dragons. There is a spunky princess ,a dark bad boy, and a dynamic between them that started from a childhood friendship. I won’t go to any real details because I HATE spoilers, but I will say that there is some serious unrequited love in this book (also, did I mention there are dragons?)!

Let me start by saying I love Tess Williams. Her writing style has an old time charm that I really enjoy, and her characters are always well developed. She is also very good at writing from each characters different perspective while simultaneously keeping each perspective individually unique to the character they represent. In more simple terms….She is amazing at switching between narrators! Cyric’s (the bad boy) and Ellia’s (the princess) different perspectives are an important part of this book, and they are both very well presented. In fact, that’s one of the things I loved the most about not only this book, but the entire trilogy. As I was reading, there were so many times I wanted to jump into the pages and yell at the characters! Though that can be frustrating, it certainly kept me involved!

The best part of this book was the ending. The dramatic ending is what sold me! So many trilogy’s I have read seem to have a great part one, a mediocre part two, and then a weak, disappointing part three. That was not the case with “Fallen Warrior”! In fact I enjoyed this book the most out of all of the Fallen books. It was great reading about Cyric’s internal struggles, and Ellia’s broken heart. The ending was fabulous, but boy did I have to wait until the VERY end to get the ending I was hoping for. If you are looking for a good indie author read, Try this trilogy out, I certainly enjoyed it!

I want to note that Tess sadly passed away last year, and I have missed her presence in the book world! Even though she is gone, she certainly left a mark on my life with her positive outlook and wonderful writing style. Her books can still be found on Amazon.

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