I’m A Finalist!

This week was a pretty good week for me! I wanted to share my joy, and encourage others to try their hand at a few contests

Whenever I begin a new book, I enter my first draft into a couple RWA contests to see what I need to work on. It is such an eyeopening experience. I recently found out my novel,  Mercy Killers, received third place in the Daphne du Maurier award of excellence! The Daphne was a contest I really wanted to place in, so I am SO HAPPY!

this is the best

The Seductress had a pretty good week too. The manuscript received an honorable mention in the California Dreamin’ Hooker contest, and third place in the Romance Through the Ages contest! I also found out Seductress made the finalist round in the ff&p On The Far Side contest, which I am very happy to hear since that is a contest specifically designed for fantasy.  I was definitely doing a happy dance this week, guys. I’m so excited!

I have been blown away with the amount of support the RWA provides it’s members, as well as the feedback I have received from these competitions. I have learned so much, and I highly encourage you all to try your hand at a few of them. The comments alone are worth the entry fee. These contests played a big role in getting my first manuscript, Mercy Killers, to a whole new level. Hopefully I can polish these babies up and get them out to the world soon!


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